Overall Health Index

The report card compares 26 indicators (benthic infauna, chlorophyll a, crocodilians, emergent aquatic vegetation, fish, goldspotted killifish, gulf pipefish, invasive reptiles, lake stage, marl prairie, nonnative fish, oysters, periphyton, prey abundance, prey availability, prey community, ridge & slough landscape, roseate spoonbill nesting, salinity, spotted seatrout, submerged aquatic vegetation, tree islands, wading bird nesting abundance, wading bird nesting interval, wading birds, water clarity) to scientifically derived thresholds or goals. These indicators are combined into an Overall Health Index, for each region which is presented as a percent score. The four regions are combined into the overall Everglades Health Score.

Everglades Ecohealth 2012–2017