Nonnative Fish

Nonnative fish are species that are invasive. They take over habitat that native species need and can outcompete them. This can cause native species to decline and cause negative changes in the ecosystem dynamics.

See the results for nonnative fish in the Greater Everglades.

Photo credit: Richard Gilmore.

How is it measured?

Nonnative fish are an indicator in the Greater Everglades. They are measured by collecting fish in 1m² traps. The index for this indicator is the proportion of all fish collected that are nonnative species. 

Threshold Levels

The targets for the nonnative fish indicator are based on the Stoplight Report. If proportion is greater than 2.0, treat as exceeds target; if greater than 0.0 but less than 1.0, treat as concern; if equal to 0, treat as meets target.